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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - Evidence-based Medicine"  info

Collection of documents by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

A Search Service for Abbreviation / Long Form

Allie is a search service for abbreviations and long forms utilized in Lifesciences. It provides a solution to the issue that many abbreviations are used in the literature, and polysemous or synonymous abbreviations appear frequently, making it difficult to read and understand scientific papers that are not relevant to the reader's expertise. Allie searches for abbreviations and their corresponding long forms from titles and abstracts in the entire MEDLINE database.

WHO - CEHA Library Database

It includes more than 9,500 titles covering all Environmental Health aspects with clear focus on water supply and sanitation as a priority in the Easter Mediterranean Region. Great portion of the available documents are gray literature on Environmental Health in the Region.

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE)"  info

DARE is a high quality database with structured abstracts of reviews published in the world wide literature, including otherwise difficultly accessible grey literature.

Directory of Health Organizations Online

DIRLINE (Directory of Information Resources Online) is the National Library of Medicine's online database containing location and descriptive information about a wide variety of information resources including organizations, research resources, projects, and databases concerned with health and biomedicine. This information may not be readily available in bibliographic databases. Each record may contain information on the publications, holdings, and services provided.
DIRLINE contains approximately 10,000 records and focuses primarily on health and biomedicine, although it also provides limited coverage of some other special interests.

Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Science Database (ETOH)

The Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Science Database, commonly referred to as ETOH, is the most comprehensive online resource covering all aspects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Produced by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), ETOH contains over 110,000 records and is accessed by both researchers and clinicians worldwide. Included in ETOH are abstracts and bibliographic references to journal articles, books, dissertation abstracts, conference papers and proceedings, reports and studies, and chapters in edited works. Updated monthly, ETOH contains research findings from the late 1960s to the present, as well as historical research literature.

Federal Research & Development Project Summaries

Surching in the databases provided here enables reading of more than 500,000 current and recently completed projects sponsored by six agencies, including DOE, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Health, United States

Very informative tables about health, provided by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Human Mortality Database

The Human Mortality Database (HMD) provides detailed mortality and population data to researchers, students, journalists, policy analysts, and others interested in the history of human longevity.

Health Technology Assessment Database

The HTA database contains information on healthcare technology assessments and is produced in collaboration with the INAHTA Secretariat, based at SBU, Sweden.
The database contains records of ongoing projects being conducted by members of INAHTA as well as publications reporting completed technology assessments carried out by INAHTA members and other health technology assessment organisations. The abstracts in the database are descriptive rather than analytical and do not form critical appraisals of the reports (i.e. the reports have not been evaluated by reviewers from the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination).

NHGRI Policy and Legislation Database

The database contains Federal and State laws/statutes; Federal legislative materials; and Federal administrative and executive materials, including regulations, institutional policies, and executive orders. The database currently focuses on the following subject areas: privacy of genetic information/confidentiality; informed consent; insurance and employment discrimination; genetic testing and counseling; and commercialization and patenting.

NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED)

NHS Economic Evaluation Database, a database of the University of York, provides facts about the economical aspects of medical interventions.

Public Health Image Library"  info

Image database on public health.

WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS)

The WHO Statistical Information System is the guide to health and health-related epidemiological and statistical information available from the World Health Organization.

Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System

Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System is an interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data.