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Aptamer"  info

Aptamers are DNA or RNA molecules that have been selected from random pools based on their ability to bind other molecules. Aptamers have been selected which bind nucleic acid, proteins, small organic compounds, and even entire organisms. These novel molecules have many potential uses in medicine and technology.
The Aptamer Database is a comprehensive, annotated repository for information about aptamers and in vitro selection. This resource is provided to collect, organize and distribute all the known information regarding aptamer selection.

Human AU-rich Element-Containing mRNA Database"  info

The adenylate uridylate-rich elements (AREs) mediate the rapid turnover of mRNAs encoding proteins that regulate cellular growth and body response to exogenuous agents such as microbes, inflammatory and environmental stimuli.

Gene Regulation by Mammalian micro-RNAs

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) constitute a class of small non-coding RNAs that regulate expression of target genes either by decreasing the stability of the target mRNA or by translational inhibition. They are involved in diverse processes, including cellular differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis. Recent evidence also suggests their importance for cancerogenesis. By far the most important model systems in cancer research are mammalian organisms. Argonaute compiles comprehensive information on mammalian miRNAs, their origin and regulated target genes in an exhaustive database.

Internal Ribosome Entry Site Database

Database about virally encoded IRESes and cellular mRNA encoded IRESes. It was developed by Sophie Bonnal, Christel Boutonnet, Leonel Prado-Lourenço and Stéphan Vagnerat The French Institute of Health and Medical Research.

miRDB"  info

miRDB is an online database for miRNA target prediction and functional annotations. All the targets in miRDB were predicted by a bioinformatics tool, MirTarget, which was developed by analyzing thousands of miRNA-target interactions from high-throughput sequencing experiments. Common features associated with miRNA target binding have been identified and used to predict miRNA targets with machine learning methods. miRDB hosts predicted miRNA targets in five species: human, mouse, rat, dog and chicken. As a recent update, users may provide their own sequences for customized target prediction. In addition, through combined computational analyses and literature mining, functionally active miRNAs in humans and mice were identified. These miRNAs, as well as associated functional annotations, are presented in the FuncMir Collection in miRDB.

Mobile Group II Introns

Group II introns are a novel class of RNAs best known for their self-splicing reaction. Under certain in vitro conditions, the introns can excise themselves from precursor mRNAs and ligate together their flanking exons, without the aid of protein.

Non Canonical Base Pair Database"  info

The database provides access to all RNA structures in which a particular rare base pair has been found.

NONCODE - The Database Of All Kinds Of Noncoding RNA

NONCODE is a database of all kinds of noncoding RNAs (except tRNAs and rRNAs).
The database contains 5,339 public sequences from 861 organisms covering all kingdoms of life, including vira and viroids. Including 109 traditional classes distributed in 26 cellular process. 1,114 entries is related to disease, is transcribed from repeats or imprinted domains, is induced or repressed by stress, or is specific to a certain species, sex, tissue, or developmental stage, have been included.

Noncoding RNAs Database

Database with informations about noncoding RNA.

Mammalian mRNA Polyadenylation Database"  info

PolyA_DB is a database which provides several types of information regarding polyadenylation in mammalian species:

  • polyadenylation sites and their locations with respect to the genomic structure of genes
  • cis elements surrounding polyadenylation sites
  • comparison of polyadenylation configuration between orthologous genes
  • tissue / organ information for alternative polyadenylation sites

  • RNA Families Database of Alignments and CMs

    Rfam is a large collection of multiple sequence alignments and covariance models covering many common non-coding RNA families.

    Ribosomal RNA BLAST

    Database about ribosomal RNA.

    RNA Databases / Israel Science and Technology Directory

    Compilation of RNA databases by the Israel Science and Technology Directory.

    RNA Modification Database

    The RNA Modification Database is a comprehensive list of post-transcriptionally modified nucleosides from RNA.

    Comprehensive ribosomal RNA databases"  info

    Ribosomal RNA database.

    siRecords"  info

    Database about Short interfering RNAs.

    siRNA Database

    siRNA Database made by the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics / Karolinska Institute.

    Subviral RNA Database"  info

    SubViral RNA: a database of the smallest known auto-replicable RNA species.

    tmRNA Database

    The tmRDB is a tool in the study of the structures and functions of the tmRNA (earlier called "10S RNA").

    tRNA - Database

    Database about tRNA, hosted and maintained in a cooperation between the universities of Leipzig (Germany), Marburg (Germany) and Strasbourg (France).