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The Organelle Genome Database"  info

GOBASE is a taxonomically broad organelle genome database that organizes and integrates diverse data related to mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Human Mitochondrial Protein Database (HMPDb)

The Human Mitochondrial Protein Database (HMPDb) provides comprehensive data on mitochondrial and human nuclear encoded proteins involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and function. This database consolidates information from SwissProt, LocusLink, Protein Data Bank (PDB), GenBank, Genome Database (GDB), Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), Human Mitochondrial Genome Database (mtDB), MITOMAP, Neuromuscular Disease Center and Human 2-D PAGE Databases.

HvrBase"  info

The HvrBase is a tool for the analysis of human and primate mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

Database of Mitochondrial Proteins"  info

MiGenes is a relational database of mitochondrial-related gene products. It includes major model organisms such as human, mouse, rat, fruit fly, worm, bakerís yeast and fission yeast.

Mendelian Inheritance and the Mitochondrion

This database is dedicated to the nuclear genes specifying the enzymes, structural proteins, and other proteins, many still not identified, involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and function. MitoDat highlights predominantly human nuclear-encoded mitochondrial proteins, although we are including proteins from other animals in addition to those currently known only from yeast and other fungal mitochondria, as well as from plant mitochondria.

Human Mitochondrial Genome Database"  info

MITOMAP is a compendium of polymorphisms and mutations of the human mitochondrial DNA.

Mitochondrial Proteom Database"  info

Database about the mitochondrial proteom.

Human Mitochondrial Genome Database"  info

The Human Mitochondrial Genome Database (mtDB) provides a database of complete human mitochondrial genomes.

Human Mitochondrial Genome Polymorphism Database

The GiiB-JST mtSNP (mitochondrial single nucleotide polymorphism) database provides information related to the functional differences among mitochondrial SNPs. This web site is useful for identification of mtSNPs associated with age-related conditions such as longevity, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease, as well as those related to energy metabolism such as obesity, thinness, and type-2 diabetes, or to atherosclerosis.