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Alternative Exon Database

AEDB is a manual generated database for human alternative exons and their properties - the data is gathered from literature where these exons have been experimentally verified.


AltExtron is a computer generated high quality dataset of human transcript-confirmed constitutive and alternative exons and introns. The alternative events have been delineated and annotated with various characterizations.

Alternative Splicing Database (AltSplice)

AltSplice is a computer generated high quality data set of human transcript-confirmed splice patterns, alternative splice events, and the associated annotations.

Alternative Spliced Isoforms

After transcription of a gene, the resulting pre-mRNA is spliced before exiting the nucleus. Alternative splicing of a single pre-mRNA can give rise to different mRNA transcripts. Consequently, alternative splicing is an important mechanism for generating protein diversity from a single gene.

Alternative Splicing Database Project

Alternative splicing database at EBI; it includes three databases:

  • AltSplice
  • AltExron
  • AEdb

  • Alternative Splicing Gallery"  info

    ASG is a web-based splicing graph database that integrates transcript information from Ensembl, RefSeq, STACK, TIGR gene index, and UniGene, in order to explore and visualize gene structure and alternative splicing and to provide an exhaustive transcript catalog.

    Bipartite Pattern Discovery"  info

    Bipad is a C++ program for predicting one-block or bipartite motifs/patterns shared by a set of nucleotide sequences. This tool, which is particularly useful for transcription factor binding site recognition, was developed by Chengpeng Bi and P.K. Rogan, Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics, Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics, 01 Gillham, Kansas City MO 64108

    ECgene"  info

    ECgene provides annotation for gene structure, function and expression, taking alternative splicing events into consideration.

    Alternative Splicing in Caenorhabditis elegans"  info

    The Intronerator is a collection of tools for exploring the molecular biology and genomics of C. elegans with a special emphasis on alternative splicing.

    Canonical and Non-Canonical Splice Site Sequences in Mammalian Genes"  info

    SpliceDB is a database of known mammalian splice site sequences.


    SpliceNest is a web based graphical tool to explore gene structure, including alternative splicing, based on a mapping on the EST consensus sequences from GeneNest to the complete human genome. SpliceNest is integrated with GeneNest and the SYSTERS protein sequence cluster set in one framework, permitting an overall exploration of the whole sequence space covering protein, mRNA and EST sequences, as well as genomic DNA.