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The AIDSinfo Drug Database provides HIV/AIDS drug fact sheets describing the drug's use, pharmacology, side effects, and other information. The database includes:

  • Approved and investigational HIV/AIDS drugs
  • Non-technical, technical, and Spanish versions of each fact sheet

  • AIDS: Clinical Guidelines

    AIDS Guidelines, provided by AIDSinfo - a service ofthe U.S.Department of HEalth and Human Services.

    Clinical Trials on Aids

    This page is designed to help you locate trials studying HIV/AIDS. This is a database, produced by the NLM (National Library of Medicine).

    Database for Anti-HIV Compounds

    Database for Anti-HIV Compounds, made by the NIH, National Institutes of Health, Division of Aids.

    DExH/D Protein Family Database"  info

    DExH/D proteins are essential for all aspects of cellular RNA metabolism and processing, in the replication of many viruses and in DNA replication. DExH/D proteins are subject to current biological, biochemical and biophysical research which provides a continuous wealth of data. The DExH/D protein family database compiles this information and makes it available over the WWW.

    European Influenza Surveillance Scheme

    This server contains epidemiologic informations about influenza.

    Pox Database

    Pox genome database.

    HCV Databases"  info

    The Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) database project is funded by the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The project comprises two databases:

  • HCV sequence database
  • HCV immunology database

  • Hepatitis C - Database

    Database about hepatitis C.

    HIV - Drug Resistance Database

    The database is a compilation of mutations in HIV genes that confer resistance to anti-HIV drugs.

    HIV - Molecular Immunology Database

    The HIV Molecular Immunology Database is an annotated, searchable collection of HIV-1 cytotoxic and helper T-cell epitopes and antibody binding sites. These data are also printed in the HIV Molecular Immunology compendium which is updated yearly and provided free of charge to scientific researchers. The goal of this database is to provide a comprehensive listing of defined HIV epitopes.
    The database is operated by the University of California for the US Department of Energy.

    HIV - Sequence Database

    The HIV Sequence Database focuses on five primary goals:
    Collecting HIV and SIV sequence data (since 1987)
    Curating and annotating this data, and making it available to the scientific community
    Computer analysis of HIV and related sequences
    Production of software for the analysis of (sequence) data
    Publication of the data and analyses on this site and in a yearly printed publication, the HIV sequence Compendium, which is available free of charge.

    HIV Structural Database and Chem-BLAST

    HIV Structural Reference Database and Chem-BLAST at NIST Biotechnology Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg, MD 20899 U.S.A.

    HIV-1 / Human Protein Interaction Database

    A database about the interaction of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) proteins with those of the host cell, created by the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases.


    HIV-Guide provided by the John Hopkins University.


    The HIV/SIV Vaccine Trials Database was developed as a tool for compilation, search and comparison of published studies on SIV, HIV and SHIV vaccine trials in nonhuman primates.

    Universal Virus Database of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses

    The Universal Virus Database of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses is developed and maintained by Dr Cornelia Büchen-Osmond at the Biomedical Informatics Core of the Northeastern Biodefense Center, a Regional Center of Excellence in Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biodefense, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.

    Influenza Sequence Database

    The Influenza Sequence Database is a curated database of nucleotide sequences. It is intended to provide the research community with easy sequence deposit and retrieval capabilities, together with tools tailored, in particular, to the analysis of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase sequences.
    This database is operated by the University of California for the US Department of Energy

    Influenza Virus Database (IVDB)

    The Influenza Virus Database (IVDB) integrates information and creates an analysis platform for genetic, genomic, and phylogenetic studies of the virus.

    The Big Picture Book of Viruses

    The Big Picture Book of Viruses is intended to serve as both a catalog of virus pictures on the Internet and as an educational resource to those seeking more information about viruses. Provided by David M. Sander, Tulane Medical Center.

    Mouse Retroviral Tagged Cancer Gene Database"  info

    Retroviral insertional mutagenesis in mouse hematopoietic tumors provides a potent cancer gene discovery tool in the post-genome-sequence era. To manage multiple high-throughput insertional mutagenesis screening projects, the Retroviral Tagged Cancer Gene Database was developed.

    Recombinant Virus Database"  info

    The Recombinant Virus Database (RVD) is a database of DNA clones, recombinant retroviruses and recombinant adenoviruses.

    SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ) Reference

    SARS Reference is a medical textbook that provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

    Subviral RNA Database"  info

    SubViral RNA: a database of the smallest known auto-replicable RNA species.

    Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center & Viral Bioinformatics - Canada

    This resource provides access to viral genomes and a variety tools for comparative genomic analyses. At the heart of the system is VOCs (Virus Orthologous Clusters), a database with built-in tools that allows users to retrieve and analyze the genes, gene families, and genomes of 11 different virus families. The database is the source of information for other programs of the workbench for whole genome alignments, genome display, or gene/protein sequence analysis.

    Virus Database at University College London"  info

    VIDA is a virus database that organizes open reading frames (ORFs) from partial and complete genomic sequences from animal viruses.

    Virus Particle Explorer (viper)"  info

    VIPER is a Website for virus capsid structures and their computational analyses.

    Comprehensive Viral Genome Resource"  info

    Database for complete viral genome sequences.

    Virus-Specific Oligonucleotides Database"  info

    VirOligo is a database of virus-specific oligonucleotides.