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Bioethics Database (BEKIS)

BEKIS is an online database, which provides ready access to information about national and international institutions and activities in the area of bioethics research. Users can find information about: research institutions, research groups, research projects and events.

Topics in Bioethics (BELIT)

BELIT is an integrated online database developed by the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (DRZE) and operated in cooperation with the Information and Documentation Centre for Ethics in Medicine (IDEM, Göttingen), the Interfaculty Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW, Tübingen), the Kennedy Institute of Ethics (KIE, Washington) and the Centre de documentation en éthique des sciences de la vie et de la santé de l'INSERM (CDEI, Paris).

Bioethics Database

The Bioethics Database was created in 1998 and is being updated on a regular basis. It comprises more than 370 bioethics institutions (bioethics committees, commissions, training, research and documentation centres) in over 70 countries, including information on activities and publications. Information is based on replies obtained from a widely distributed questionnaire and has been gathered in cooperation with National Commissions and Permanent Delegations to UNESCO.

ETHMED"  info

ETHMED is a literature database in German and English language in the field of biomedical ethics with an emphasis on ethics in medicine. It contains mainly information from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Bibliographic Database on Bioethics and Professional Ethics

A literature database made by the Georgetown University.


Citations to literature on ethics and public policy issues in genetics.

Global Ethics Observatory

The observatory is a system of databases with worldwide coverage in bioethics and other areas of applied ethics in science and technology such as environmental ethics, science ethics, and technology ethics.