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Online Maps of Metabolic and Signaling Pathways

Graphical display of pathways.

Biochemical Pathways (Roche)

Graphical display of biochemical pathways.

Pathway Interaction Database

This is the preliminary version of a database of pathway interactions, assembled by NCICB staff from publicly available sources of information.

Database of Quantitative Cellular Signaling

The Database of Quantitative Cellular Signaling is a repository of models of signaling pathways.

Encyclopedia of Escherichia coli K12 Genes and Metabolism"  info

The EcoCyc database is a source of information on the biology of the prototypical model organism Escherichia coli K12. The mission for EcoCyc is to contain both computable descriptions of, and detailed comments describing, all genes, proteins, pathways and molecular interactions in E.coli.

Encyclopedia of Human Genes and Metabolism

HumanCyc is a bioinformatics database that describes the human metabolic pathways and the human genome.


iPath contains interactive maps of biological signaling and metabolic pathways. One can click on select features of the maps for detailed gene and protein information.

Malaria - Metabolic Pathways

Metabolic pathways of plasmodium falciparum; a database, provided by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, compiled and maintained by Hagai Ginsburg.

Reactive Oxygen Species and Cell Signaling Pathway

ROSPath is a database for proteins involved in ROS-mediated signaling pathways.

Signal Transductions Classification Database"  info

The Signal Transduction Classification Database (STCDB) is a database about to the classification of signal transduction.

Metabolic Reconstructions

The WIT Project attempts to produce metabolic reconstructions for sequenced (or partially sequenced) genomes. A metabolic reconstruction is a model of the metabolism of the organism derived from sequence, biochemical, and phenotypic data. WIT includes a set of over 2900 diagrams depicting metabolic pathways.